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Shopping and Bargain Hunting? Visit Egypt’s Best Souks!

Souk el Attarine

‘Souk’ is the term for a traditional outdoor marketplace, sometimes referred to as a bazaar. Many different places in North Africa and the Middle East contain these markets such as Dubai, Morocco and Syria and these popular markets come in

A Holiday in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is one of the cities associated with casinos. This resort city is famous for its beach, casinos and board walk. I recently took a week’s action in this beautiful city. A resort city is never low on accommodation

How to get good deals while you travel

Over the years I would like to think that I have mastered the art of upgrading my travels and am constantly learning how to save more. I want to visit as many cities as possible, but with limited finances, I

My Wonderful Trip To The Dutch Capital- Amsterdam

After a busy year at work my family and I decided to go on a holiday to a beautiful place. When we were in dilemma about which place to visit, a friend suggested Amsterdam. I have never been to this