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Four Questions to Answer When Figuring out Where to Take Your Next Vacation

Vacation Planning

You may have a dream vacation in mind or you may be lucky enough to have a family member who is planning every detail of your next vacation, but what if you’re taking time off but have no idea what

Top Safety Advice When Trekking in Nepal

Nepal Mountains

When you decide to go trekking in Nepal you will be embarking on one of the greatest outdoor experiences of your lifetime. Over 100,000 people safely go trekking in Nepal throughout the two trekking seasons that occur in this sacred

2018’s Ideas for Writing Descriptive Essay Assignments on Traveling

Writing Essays

Writing about traveling is a great topic when you are working on tweaking your skills to become a better descriptive writer. Writing about traveling gives you the opportunity to do this as there are many new things to describe: scenery,

My experience in beautiful Umbria


I landed at Perugia International Airport this week a little bit confused. The airport, named after St. Francis of Assissi, is more officially called “Aeroporto Internazionale dell’Umbria – Perugia San Francesco d’Assisi.” I’m not an expert historian, but it was

9 Cities around the world known as investor friendly


There are some cities around the world that have one thing in common and that is offering investors a friendly real estate investment environment. Here we give you a list of 9 cities around the world that offer such profitable