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5 Things You Should Bring On The Plane With You

What to bring on a plane

No matter how many times you travel, there is always more to learn.  Learning ways to make your travel process go easier is one of the biggest parts of your learning curve. All it takes is forgetting just one crucial

Surprising Strawberry Shake Recipe

Whey and Strawberry Shake

Many people believe that protein shakes can’t be fun and flavorful, when this really isn’t the case at all. If you know what you’re doing and you have the right ingredients at hand, protein shakes can be the perfect way

5 Things You Can’t-Miss in Rishikesh


Ahoy! Fellows travelling to the town of Rishikesh are in for a treat and a mesmerizing time out at this wonderful place. While the spiritual town has a terrain of beauty and versatility to offers its guests and people, there

My Amazing Canadian Trip

Canada Sunset

For some time now, I’ve been planning on organizing a trip to Canada. It’s just one of those countries that has a lot of history and attractions. For this trip, I did focus more on the nature side of Canada,

Four Questions to Answer When Figuring out Where to Take Your Next Vacation

Vacation Planning

You may have a dream vacation in mind or you may be lucky enough to have a family member who is planning every detail of your next vacation, but what if you’re taking time off but have no idea what

My experience in beautiful Umbria


I landed at Perugia International Airport this week a little bit confused. The airport, named after St. Francis of Assissi, is more officially called “Aeroporto Internazionale dell’Umbria – Perugia San Francesco d’Assisi.” I’m not an expert historian, but it was

What are the most advanced buildings you can see on your travels?

Towers of Dubai

You’ve probably noticed how much the world is changing in terms of technology and digital advancements. But, did you know that the way that architects are building is changing, too? Architects and project managers are now able to make more

3 Things to Do in Sicily


Although it sits at the toe of Italy’s boot, Sicily is a rather big island and there are endless things which you can do on it; Sicily is not all about beaches and lazing around in the sun – there

The world’s most incredible gardens


The natural beauty of a garden has kept society spellbound for many centuries. With so many ornate and extravagant gardens found across the world, how do we know which to visit first? Brits have always loved their gardens, it seems.According

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Before Climbing, I was really skeptical of going to Tanzania. I didn’t know anything else about the country except for Mount Kilimanjaro. Turns out there’s a whole bunch of interesting things happening here if you take the time and interest