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A Lovely Trip To Southern Thailand

I love to travel, and many times a year I take my backpack and go somewhere around the world. Many of my winters I spend in northern Thailand, or some other great Asian destination.     Recently I decided to take

A Perfect Time of Year to Visit Thailand

Chiang Mai Countryside

After spending a nice but relatively cold summer in Northern Europe, I jumped on a plane and headed south, as I typically do this time of year. Thailand is becoming quite the spot for tourist destinations these days, Every time

Happy And Free Benteng Chittorgarh, India

Have you ever been so tired with your current job, when you wake up in the morning all you feel is fatigued? I have, and that was the reason I decided to be free, not because I was not getting

The Lake Of Freedom


Just a few weeks ago I decided that it was time for me to have a fresh start, I desperately needed it as I felt that I was getting stuck in a never ending routine. I have been working in

The Freedom Of Pangong Tso Lake

I could hardly find anything inspirational living my mundane life with a 9-5 job. Those uninspired days aren’t worthy to recall. I always had the feeling, to know the world beyond my office desk and cabin. My journey to understand