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Great Australian holiday destinations for families with kids

East coast great barrier reef

The relaxed atmosphere in Australia has made it a top destination for travellers for years. Anyone who loves an adventurous way of traveling will fall in love with the country. You experience the ultimate feeling of freedom, the people are

Family travel activities in New South Wales


Looking to spend your holidays in the awesome New South Wales? The hype is true! From great beaches, amusement parks, events, and exhibitions, it’s all here! Check out the family travel activities below and try to visit them all: Soak

The Unforgettable Australian Adventure

Australia Drive

Australia is really a beautiful place to visit. The tropical climate makes it an exceptionally good travel destination with a promise of great adventure and exotic scenery. If you are adventurer then in Australia you’ll be spoiled for choice from

Tips for visiting Australia in 2016


Few countries can surpass Australia for the sheer variety of exotic landscapes, vibrant cities and exciting cultural opportunities that you can enjoy whilst staying there. And with over seven million people visiting the nation each year, it’s become something of

Cruising To The South Pacific Islands

sunset Pacific

It was that time of the year again. The holidays were fast approaching and the kids were nagging us. This was the time of the year when we planned our annual family holiday. So far both my wife and I

Consider a New Zealand Pinot Noir for Christmas Lunch

wine Pinot Noir

The smooth richness of New Zealand’s Pinot Noir perfectly complements both turkey and duck, as well as salmon, pork and veal. So for Christmas lunch this year, why not select a fabulous fruity Pinot Noir from Advintage and celebrate the

Inspiration Sparked a New Journey

After several months of what seemed like sub-zero temperatures, endless paperwork, and irksome customers, I was ready to retreat for a few days to a quaint, charming, peaceful utopia where the salt air is intoxicating and the hot sunny days

Visiting Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Australia has some of the exciting locations in the world. After getting a chance to visit some of these locations, what I can say is you need to have a clear itinerary for you to enjoy these sites. In essence,

Four Seasons Hotel – Bora Bora


I have been working as a corporate lawyer for a very long time, after 6 years of working for corporations and defending cases I felt that my job is no longer fulfilling. All I do is sit in the office,