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Options if You Run Out of Money While Traveling

tight on cash

There are few things as stressful as trying to enjoy a vacation only to realize that your pockets are suddenly coming up empty. Despite the best efforts to cut costs and save money, this situation can arise for many reasons

3 Tips For Securing Your Home While You Travel

House security

Before you leave for a long trip, there are quite a few things that you likely need to get taken care of. From taking time off work to figuring out who will watch over your pets and canceling any obligations

Traveling For Major Life Events

Travel together

Major life events can be stressful in themselves. But when you add traveling into the mix, things can get even more complicated and anxiety-inducing. That’s why you should always do as much preparation as you can beforehand, and don’t skimp

Tips to Feeling Young and Staying on Top of Your Health

Live Healthy

In today’s world, it has become extremely necessary for people to stay on top of their game by taking care of their health and fitness. Staying fit and healthy is is one of my main goals, not only for  having

2018’s Ideas for Writing Descriptive Essay Assignments on Traveling

Writing Essays

Writing about traveling is a great topic when you are working on tweaking your skills to become a better descriptive writer. Writing about traveling gives you the opportunity to do this as there are many new things to describe: scenery,

How I Beat the Great Firewall of China

great firewall of china

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, the ‘Great Firewall of China’ is essentially a censorship tool used by the Chinese government to regulate internet access, in which access to over 6 million websites is blocked. A

How to Switch Into Holiday Mode

Time for a holiday

We all dream of taking a holiday to relax on a beach and allow the stresses of work just go away. The key problem is that many people find themselves disappointed after waiting weeks for their much awaited for holiday.

8 Ways To Cut Costs On Travelling Abroad

save on travel

Image Source We all want to travel more, so what’s holding us back? More often than not money is the answer. We can spend months saving up for a week’s holiday in the sun. But what if you could halve

Photo tips for the lightweight traveler


The best part of Traveling, is all of the  sights, sounds, and beauty. And the ability to capture these moments to share via your social groups, blog, or just with friends and family. I recently came across this great app

5 Summer Beach Reads

5 Beach Reads

Taking a vacation is often the only time we get to read a new book, or three. With our hectic schedules and constant connection to the internet, it seems a good book just gets left behind for the latest on