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2018’s Ideas for Writing Descriptive Essay Assignments on Traveling

Writing Essays

Writing about traveling is a great topic when you are working on tweaking your skills to become a better descriptive writer. Writing about traveling gives you the opportunity to do this as there are many new things to describe: scenery,

Why Not Travel For A Living? Tep can help on the connectivity!


Many people dream of traveling for a living. I am constantly receiving comments such as. “I wish I could do what you do”, “If I had money, I would travel too”, or the best one is “I will start traveling,

Starting Your Own Travel Blog

Travel Blogging

After building my own factory, and spending long hours working on a passion that drove me to work sometimes up to 20 hours per day 7 days a week, a was given a break when the world crises came around.

Getting your Blog up and going the right way.

Setting up your own Blog

As I have been spending the past few years traveling, I have met a ton of travelers, who have asked me about blogging. It is quite a shame, as I meet so many people who have had some awesome experiences,