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Do You Take Boring Travel Photos?

Do You Take Boring Travel Photos?

Vacations make for great opportunities to capture amazing moments and the best way to preserve those special memories tends to be with photos. So you need to capture the fun, excitement, and beauty of your trip whenever you go on a vacation, how else are you going to show off when you get back home. The thing is, a lot of people don’t realize that shooting travel photos is very different from shooting family photos, and because of that take a lot of boring shots that no-one really wants to see.

Travel photography requires practice and skill as you want to shoot eye-catching photos. Before you head out on your next adventure, take a moment to review these great tips on how to stop yourself from taking boring travel photos ever again.

Research your destination

Before you go on a vacation, take some time to really acquaint yourself with your destination and unearth everything you can about the place you intend to visit. Spend some time online searching for best spots for photos and what dates provide the most ideal weather. Also, check to see if any special events will be taking place while you’re there. The more you know about the place you want to visit, the more attention-grabbing your collection of images will be.

Sydney HarbourResearch your destination and know the must hit photo locations, for instance no trip to Sydney could go without a shot of the Harbour Bridge, preferably at dusk. Photo courtesy of

Learn how to use the camera

Learn how to operate your camera as best you can before you leave your home country. After learning how to operate your camera, put what you have learned into practice. Capture a few photos of friends or simple landscapes to see how the images look with the sun in front of you and behind you. Be sure to practice to discover what the camera is capable of doing. A bit of practice with it before you leave will pay off bigtime when it counts.

Light is of great importance

The best time for taking photos is early morning. So you need to choose one or two days where you get up early to catch the sunrise. Late afternoons are also best for shooting, but you need to be wary of midday light, which can cause blurred photos. Do not stay cemented to a single place while taking the photos! Be sure to try lots of different angles to see what works and what doesn’t.

perfect timing and lightingLighting can make or break a photo, such as the above example. The perfect timing of the lighting is what makes it special. Image courtesy of

Take lots of photos!

The more photos you take, the more options you will have when you return home. Realize that sometimes it may take a few shots to capture that one particular shot you are looking for. While it is advised to capture lots of images, don’t capture everything in one visit. It is important that you bring along extra batteries in case your camera run out of battery power.

Capture the locals

Capturing the locals is one of the excellent ways to convey a sense of local piquancy. The secret is to have the right lens, the right light, and the right settings as you won’t’ have the benefit of taking multiple shots. The best focal length for snapping people is 85mm as it is gratifying and it also means you do not have to be in close proximity when taking the photos.

Photo with localsGetting a great photo of the locals is an absolute must for any quality travel photo journal. Image with courtesy from

Quality photography does take a bit of practice and skill, but it is the quality shots that get everyone excited. Invest a bit of time and effort into your shot taking, and you’ll be very happy with the results.




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