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Great Australian holiday destinations for families with kids

The relaxed atmosphere in Australia has made it a top destination for travellers for years. Anyone who loves an adventurous way of traveling will fall in love with the country. You experience the ultimate feeling of freedom, the people are friendly and you make contact easily. But even if you are on a family holiday, you can make your Australia trip memorable.


The skyline of Sydney is the symbol of the city. The Sydney Opera House in particular is very recognizable. The design comes from the Danish architect Jørn Utzon but he left the project before completion after the Minister of Works, Davis Hughes, stopped paying him. Upon the departure of Utzon, the building was completed by Peter Hall. It is said that the original design intended a far more opulent finish as compared to the minimalist wood and concrete style interior the finished building displays. It was opened in 1973 by Queen Elizabeth II. The Australian city of Sydney is the oldest and largest city in the country. On the very place where once Aboriginal tribes lived, there are now high skyscrapers, innovative buildings and atmospheric city parks. Sights such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Taronga Zoo, the Art Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art provide a pleasant alternation between art, culture and architecture.

As you can see in the image below, posted with permission from The Canvas Printers, the Opera House at dusk is a sight to behold and just one of the many spectacular visual treats that await you and your family in Sydney.Sydney

Whitsunday Islands

The beautiful white beaches of the Whitsunday Islands archipelago are a feast for the eyes and were just voted most desirable islands in Australia. The archipelago on the coast of Queensland consists of islands such as Hamilton Island, Dent Island, Hayman Island and Hook Island. They have all been merged into the Whitsunday Island National Park. It is a quiet environment where turtles can lay their eggs on the beach in a peaceful environment. In the immediate vicinity is the famous Great Barrier Reef. The most famous beach of the Whitsunday Islands is the seven kilometre Whitehaven Beach.Whitehaven Beach

Great Ocean Road

One of the most fantastic routes in Australia is located on the south coast west of Melbourne. The route takes you past places like Tower Hill, small nostalgic villages like Port Fairy and Robe, impressive nature reserves, rough coastlines, farms, wineries and other activities. The tour usually starts at Melbourne and ends in Adelaide. For hiking enthusiasts there is also a Great Ocean Walk.


While very few people actually associate the capital with a holiday destination, Canberra does have a lot to offer, especially for families with kids. It is home to world class galleries and museums as well as the national zoo and science centre. Cafes are also littered all through the city and weather can be quite cool during winter, making Canberra a very appealing destination in comparison to other cities.Questacon, National Arboretum, National Zoo and Aquarium are some of the places you just can’t miss while in the capital

Fraser Island

For birdwatchers and beach lovers, Fraser Island is a top destination. The Australian island is off the east coast at Hervey Bay, from where a ferry takes you to Hook Point. Fraser Island mainly consists of beach, sand and dunes where various species of birds like to breed. The crisp clear water of Lake Wabby, Lake McKenzie or Eli Creek invites you to swim or snorkel. With a jeep you can drive around the island in search of adventure. For example, visit the rock formations better known as ‘The Cathedrals’. The swimming and general abundance of outdoor activities make this place a great one to visit with kids, but practice caution with regards to the dingoes of the island. Due to increased familiarity with humans and being fed by tourists, dingo attacks have increased in recent times.The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

Not everyone wants to dive in the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkelling is a more accessible option to explore the reef if you are on a family holiday. Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef means that you will see the biggest and most famous reefs of Australia with your own eyes. With a huge number of snorkel spots, countless fish species and a variety of colours, the Great Barrier Reef will not disappoint.

Kangaroo Island

Offering probably the most enriching wildlife experience in Australia, kangaroo islands are an amazing locale to become one with the nature. From kangaroos, echidnas to koalas and native birds in the wild, your kids would remember this vacation for long while. Barely an hour in a ferry from SouthAustralia, this is an exotic but easily accessible locale that is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. Make sure you don’t miss the main attractions of Flinders Chase National Park, Raptor Domain and Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.



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