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Keukenhof Gardens – Netherlands

I have been a teacher for 4 years but always felt that while I am trying my best, I am not living up to my potential. I have always wanted to be a photographer, but my parents think that photography is just a hobby. It is not really something that can help you get a decent living. For this reason, I took a masters degree and started teaching in college, while I did earn better pay and had my own house provided by the University. I always had this nagging feeling that I was allowing life to go by. I finally had the courage to admit to myself that photography is what I wanted to do, and despite the fact that my parents don’t like my decision. I quit my teaching job and started investing my money on camera equipment.


Dutch Tulips, Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands -...     This has always been my dream, to travel to distant places, to capture interesting structures, especially take a photo of some of the best garden in the world. I started a Tumblr account and started posting my work, and to my surprise after almost a year of posting my work and doing freelance jobs a landscaping magazine contacted me. They told me they admire my work and have offered me a job that will require me to go to some of the best gardens in the world.


The company has assigned me to photograph some of the best gardens in the world. I was overwhelmed with joy, at first I thought following my dreams will get me nowhere, but here I am being assigned to take photographs in 8 or more countries. They assigned me to go to Château de Versailles in France, they also asked me to go to Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, England.


The company also assigned me to visit Keukenhof Gardens – Netherlands. It was the central focus of the monthly magazine. Surprisingly Keukenhof Gardens – Netherlands was also the best part of the job. I was asked to explore the area for one week, to capture everything there is to see and know about the area. I studied the map of the park, and checked out some of the best spots in the park. This garden was just delightful.


Aside from having a spectacular view, it was also very child friendly. There were a lot of facilities that could be used by children like push chairs. To my surprise, this garden facility was also provided guests their own lockers, should they like to explore the gardens to the fullest. The land area of this garden was so wide, cycling in the area is possible. I rented a bike, and explore the area while capturing the special moments of people passing by. One of the best features in the garden is the whisper boat trips, this allows guests to enjoy the entire garden, while using an electrical-propelled whisper boat. The boat trip lasted for 45 minutes, giving me enough materials to cover the feature about one of the best gardens in the world.


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