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My Visit to the Marble Caves

I quit my job this past year and decided to be free to travel the world as this is something I always wanted to do. One of the locations I decided to visit were the Marble caves, Chile Chico, Chile in Patagonia. These caves are not as well known as some of the other caves in the world and for this reason are quite lovely and unspoiled, You will not be coping with throngs of tourists when you decide to visit these pristine little known caves.

Les Caves De Marbre Starting my adventure I left from Santiago after spending the night. I then took a a daily bus to Tranquilo from Coyhaique. I found plenty of hostels there and boat operators to the Caves. Once near the town of Puerto I was Puerto Ingeniero Ibáñez able to board a boat to go to the caves. from that time I was able to view these beautiful caves carved out of marble. These were a delight to the eye and something that I could previously only imagine. Unique and gorgeous with caverns and images that looked like they have been carved form the Gods are the only way to describe these beautiful caves with their grandiose features like the cathedral. Our tour was short but stunningly impressive as I saw intricate natural carvings I had never seen before and probably will never see again in my lifetime. It was unique experience to see what mother nature has wrought carved into marbles. Unique features are not found like this anywhere else in the world that I know of.

marble caves chileIndividuals can choose to fly from Santiago and take a boat from Puerto Ibanez. Or guided tours are another way to visit. These caves are unique, and truly words do not do it justice they have to be seen. For those who are visiting in Chile anyway taking a few hours out of your trip to visit these outstanding works of nature is something you should do. Some inividuals who opt to view the caves also use a company called El kartel who provides a car and driver and tour to the region, and is one of a few that do. It is one of the things not to be missed when you choose to travel to this beautiful and unique area. Spend a day or spend an hour when you opt to travel the marble caves in Chile. It is and adventure not to be missed and one you can tell you friends about.

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