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Options if You Run Out of Money While Traveling

There are few things as stressful as trying to enjoy a vacation only to realize that your pockets are suddenly coming up empty. Despite the best efforts to cut costs and save money, this situation can arise for many reasons unrelated to budgeting. Unexpected expenses such as emergencies could arise, money could be lost or stolen, or you could find yourself in a predicament where the only form of money you have is one that isn’t accepted by local vendors.

So, what can you do if you run out of money abroad? Well, there are a few things.

The quickest option would be making some money where you’re staying, by doing some quick surveys. There are plenty of Survey sites that Pay Cash for your time and effort. Do you have a skill you could utilize to do this? Are you in an area where this sort of entrepreneurship on the road makes logistical sense? If so, consider taking advantage of the opportunity to turn a quick buck and help make ends meet wherever you’re short.

Unfortunately, this probably will not be the situation you find yourself in, and you’ll need a more practical way to come up with funds. This means you’re most likely going to need to borrow money from somewhere else to hold you over until you can get back home.

In these situations, your next option would be to apply for a quick cash loan online. While most can have the money in your bank account as soon as the next business day, that’s still a long while to wait if you’re stuck in a foreign country with no available funds. So while these loans are there when you’re really in a pinch, they should be considered a last resort option.

cash for travelingDo you have relatives back home who could loan you enough to get you out of a pinch? If so, you could have family wire money to wherever you’re vacationing. Western Union, for example, offers locations in more than two hundred countries across the globe. If you are able to get in touch with family members, able to get to a wire transfer center, and they have the means to send money your way, this is your best bet. The transfer should happen within minutes after they have sent the money, and you’ll be on your way quickly with cash in your pocket.

But this option also comes with a lot of variables. What if you don’t have relatives who can loan you the money you need? What if you can’t get to a Western Union or another wire transfer center? What if you’re in an emergency situation overseas and you can’t get a hold of anyone back home because it’s the middle of the night and they’re all asleep? Borrowing through a third-party lender might be your only option.

Remember that if you truly cannot find a way to get any money and you’re facing the possibility of being stuck abroad, you should find the nearest government agency and ask for help. If you can, locate the consulate for your home country and explain the situation to them. Officials there will help you find your way back home.

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