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The Unforgettable Australian Adventure

Australia is really a beautiful place to visit. The tropical climate makes it an exceptionally good travel destination with a promise of great adventure and exotic scenery. If you are adventurer then in Australia you’ll be spoiled for choice from numerous activities you could undertake such outback adventures in Northern territory in places such as Ayers Rock, Olga’s or the Katherine Gorge. Nothing beats the visit to Australia without a visit to the miles of open places that are made up of pinnacles of hard rock that make up the mountain ranges and shape into different gorges in the Kimberly area.

The thing about Australia is cater to different crowds. The nature adventurer, the more sophisticated tourist who wants to experience fun and relaxation. To appreciate the Australian coastline you can hire a car through different car hire companies available such as Apex car hire and drive up to the coast. BondiStart with a visit to Australia’s famous beach the Bondi. While there hit the waves and or simply take a swim in the cold ocean waters or hit the surf. After experiencing the waters soak in the sun as you sunbathe as you listen to gushing waves hitting the sand and washing up to shore with the smell of salty waters from the Ocean as you watch both kids and adults alike try to outshine each other as who is the best when it comes to the surf. Australia is truly blessed with great beaches and from Bondi you catch a bus to the other nearest beaches such as Avalon, Mona Vale and Newport.

The country is also a great destination for foodie tourists who are looking into experience new food cultures and enlarge their culinary taste buds. If you taste when it comes to wine is refined ensure to visit the Tamar valley which is wine growing area in Launceston. The Tasmanian area has won over several awards for some of the awards produced in the region. The wine from this area is made from sauvignon blanc grapes, chardonnay, and pinot gris.

For the foodies a visit to the Salamance market is must. Here you will get fresh produce and get a great culinary experience by visiting the different stalls in the market which make food from ingredients readily available in the market.

Salamance marketThe mature tourist will definitely enjoy a visit to the Sydney Opera house a night of great classical music. After ensure not leave without definitely a visit to the nearby iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge. This monumental work of engineering is truly a sight to behold at night in the background of the bubbling city lights across the bridge and from the buildings at the backdrop.

If you water activities then visit Great Barrier Reef. This is great place for snorkeling and you see the underwater wildlife such as turtles and the different types of fish while enjoying the floor bed of ocean that is covered in exquisite vegetation, truly magical.

Australia really has great places to visit and the memories you make during your visit will last you a lifetime.

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