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Among the thousands of tourists visiting Mykonos, there are a lot of celebrities, VIPs and jet setters, both local and international. Top models, pop stars, TV personalities, actors, famous athletes, fashion designers – choose Mykonos for their summer vacations. It is very common to meet celebrities at the night clubs, the beaches or even on the narrow streets of Mykonos Town.

But why celebrities show such a preference for Mykonos? The answer is that the island can offer all the things a celebrity would need to have a great, relaxing time.

  • Celebrities – from Onasis/Jackie …. to DiCaprio/Valentino

Since the early 60’s, when Aristotle Onasis with Maria Callas first visited the island with their yacht, a very long list of VIPs have passed from Mykonos. Onasis became a fan of Mykonos and he was often spending some days here, later on with Jackie Kennedy Onasis or “Jackie O”.

Among the island’s first celebrity visitors were many Hollywood stars, such as Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly.

In 1973 Pierro’s bar was founded, becoming an international hot spot for gays and celebrities. Mykonos becomes an international symbol with gay friendly bars, nudist beaches, drag shows and wild parties.

In the following decades the touristic development of the island was rapid. Celebrities are attracted by Mykonos’ natural beauties but also by the island’s extraordinary luxury and wild parties. Some of the VIPs that spent their vacations in Mykonos through the last couple of decades were Rita Hayworth, Marlon Brando, Leonardo DiCaprio, Barbara Streisand, Valentino, Yoko Ono, Thierry Mugler, Jacqueline Bisset, Madonna, Yves Saint Laurent, Gianfranco Ferre, Mick Jagger,Bella Hadid and Richard Branson.

  • Luxury accommodation

One of the main things that celebrities are attracted by is the extraordinary lavishness they can find in Mykonos accommodation. Five star hotels of the island compete each other in rich decoration, expensive furniture, exclusive services, gourmet restaurants and high quality spa treatments. Their suites look like small palaces where the most important VIPs can have anything they want by just asking for it.Mykonos Villa

In the last 2 decades, an enormous number of Luxury Villas in Mykonos were built all over the island. They are usually placed near one of the many magnificent sandy beaches and they offer almost anything the 5 star hotels offer. Moreover, they offer a lot of space and privacy – both very important for celebrities.

  • Sandy beaches and restaurants with impeccable services

Some of the island’s beaches are fully organized, providing guests with everything they need for a relaxing day next to the sea. There are bars and restaurants that have evolved into day resorts offering luxurious sun loungers, private cabanas, pools and spa treatments, meditation rituals, water sports, shops, beach bars and concierge services.

Famous international chefs and their experienced teams spend their summer at Mykonos working hard to satisfy the most demanding clients. Well-trained waiters at the award-winning restaurants of the island are ready to help their guests have a great dining experience. Eating at a Mykonos restaurant is not only about gourmet dishes, it is also about enjoying an elegant atmosphere with a high quality services.

  • Traditional-cosmopolitan Mykonos town

Mykonos Town is definitely one of the most Mykonos Towncosmopolitan places on earth. But it managed to also keep its traditional character, despite the rapid development of tourism.

The bars, the stores and the restaurants at the city are often hosted in old, traditional houses which have been carefully renovated to preserve their first beauty. The narrow alleys are paved with stone and colorful flowers in the small yards feel the air with pleasant aromas. This traditional – cosmopolitan combination can mostly be seen at Matogianni Square, Little Venice and Old Town.

  • Party island

Another important factor that attracts so many celebrities at Mykonos is its intensive night life. Parties happen everywhere and any time here. Champagne showers, music events, famous DJs, drag shows and beautiful dancers are some of the details that create the special ambience where guests can have an unforgettable night.

Parties in Mykonos can’t be found only in clubs. The southern beaches are known as “the party beaches” with thousands of guests every summer night having fun next to the sea. A lot of private parties are thrown at villas or yachts.



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