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5 Things You Should Bring On The Plane With You

No matter how many times you travel, there is always more to learn.  Learning ways to make your travel process go easier is one of the biggest parts of your learning curve. All it takes is forgetting just one crucial item in your bag to throw everything off.

Don’t beat yourself up if you make mistakes along the way, however.  Traveling is a process which you get better and better at over time. Through a series of trial and error, you eventually know what to do and what to avoid to make things go as smoothly as possible.

If you’re about to go on a trip and want to have an in-flight experience which is as comfortable as it can get, don’t forget these items in your carry-on.

Eye Mask

Sharing a plane with dozens of other passengers means that you will have to compromise on being in the same small space.  When a neighboring traveler wants to sleep, you may be ready to eat your meal. However, when you’re ready to sleep, they may be ready to watch an in-flight movie and munch on peanuts.

Although earplugs are a start, they’re not always enough to get some sleep on a busy plane. It’s ideal to bring an eye mask so that you can black out of all the other passengers who may be keeping you up.  Since you may be traveling to a different time zone, you want to make sure that you start catching up on sleep on the plane to avoid terrible jet lag upon arrival.


Although the airline will usually offer headphones for their movie for a small fee, they’re generally low-quality and hardly worth paying for.  It’s ideal to bring your own headphones so that you can increase the quality of sound.

Just don’t forget to bring a jack adaptor so that it fits into the headphone port on the airplane.  You can usually find these at an electronics store or online for a minimal price.


You can never be sure when you’re to eat on a plane.  It’s ideal to bring your own snacks so that you don’t have to anxiously wait until it’s finally your turn to eat.

You’ll have to buy it in the terminal of course since you won’t be able to pass through security with it, so just keep in mind it may be a bit expensive, however, worth it.

A Book

Long FlightA Travel Pillow

A travel pillow makes it possible to sleep on the plane without falling on to the passenger next to you or getting a cramp in your neck from leaning in an awkward position.

Bringing a high-quality travel pillow makes a world of difference for your flight since you’ll get a real nap.


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