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A Sensitive Trip To The UK

I’ve been traveling for a long time now. This particular trip took me across the length and breath of the United Kingdom. As usual, I managed to check in and see all the popular sites and most of the popular places. I even trekked to some places that you must not have even heard about. What was my journey like? It was fantastic. I’ve always wanted to visit the United Kingdom and the freedom to travel it’s entire expanse was a dream come true. That was till that fateful glass of chilled juice that I drank!

I can see that puzzled expression on your face. Yes… The juice was the culprit! I felt as if a cold blade of ice just cut through my tooth at the first gulp. I have to say that it took me by surprise. In fact, I half thought that I had imagined it. So, I took another long sip and the effects were the same. Somehow, this time the pain extended from tooth to my head and stayed there. For me, this spelled bad news. I struggled to finish my drink without allowing the cold liquid to touch my affected tooth.

UK countrysideI walked out of the restaurant extremely unhappy. I hated dentists… Always had and I always put off going to one as much as I could. Now here I was in the middle of a different country and I had no choice other than to search for one. I reached my hotel and my concierge found me a little too glum. He couldn’t help but ask what was wrong. It wasn’t like me to confide in a total stranger but I guess in my mind I had hit rock bottom. I explained my predicament and he just kept nodding as if he understood. In a way that felt extremely reassuring.

After I had finished explaining everything that had happened, the concierge gave me a small understanding smile. He didn’t need to say it but I knew that he felt the same way I did. In fact, a surprising number of people hated visits to the dentist. The concierge asked me to wait for a moment. He took a paper and a pen and scribbled something down. He then handed me the paper and said ,”They are the best. You won’t regret it!”London

As he walked away, I glanced down at the piece of paper I had in my hand. The neat but hurried handwriting which had a name and phone number scrawled beneath it. I was skeptical but I didn’t have a choice. I took in a deep breath and calmed myself. I needed to do this and the faster I did it, the faster it would be over. I scurried over to my room and brushed my teeth. I didn’t want my smelly mouth to offend the dentist and besides it was courtesy.

Determined to get it over with, I made my way over to the address. Was I impressed with the experience? Impressed somehow seems inadequate. They were great! I think all my future dental treatments will turn out to be very expensive. I’m going to have to fly to England each time!


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