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Cruising To The South Pacific Islands

It was that time of the year again. The holidays were fast approaching and the kids were nagging us. This was the time of the year when we planned our annual family holiday. So far both my wife and I had come up with nothing! It was annoying! None of the holiday packages that we looked at fulfilled our criteria. What was our criteria? Well… It was the usual! We wanted to go to some place new; it needed to be appropriate for our kids and most importantly, we wanted it to be a place where we could relax in solitude. As can be expected most of the holidays that involve kids don’t involve solitude.

My wife and I were adamant. We weren’t going to give up till we found our dream vacation. We were getting very stressed with the idea, when my wife finally stumbled on an exciting find. A family cruise!Pacific beach

This was perfect. The children would be occupied and we would get the peace and quiet that we were longing for. A quick browse through the options lead us to one of the family cruises from Sydney. We settled on a cruise that took us from Sydney to the South Pacific islands. We had always wanted to visit the South Pacific islands!

Time flies and the day for our departure had already arrived. Despite myself, I felt excitement coursing through my veins. This was going to be one awesome vacation. My wife and I had a cabin to ourselves. The kids were ecstatic that they got to share a cabin too. We figured that, that would keep them out of our hair for a while. After settling into our new temporary residence, we joined the kids up on the deck. We watched the cruiser cast off. It wasn’t long before we were surrounded by water on all sides.

As the days passed, we discovered the activities that the cruise had on board. A number of sports had caught the kid’s attention. My wife and I however preferred the pool and the sun chairs. My wife basked in the sun and worked on her tan. Every time I glanced at her, I was brought to one great realization… I was an extremely lucky man. Even though she had carried two babies to term, she still had an hour glass figure that would put a teenager to shame!

boatsWe soon reached our destination… The South Pacific islands! The islands were a welcome break from the continuous sound of the lapping ocean. The South Pacific islands welcomed us with their well known cultural experiences. The waterfalls and tropical forests truly lived up to their reputation. We spent our time exploring the crystal clear waters of the ocean. Snorkeling and scuba diving with the kids was fun too! My wife loved the bustling markets with their exotic wares. It was hard to keep her from shopping too much!

As our cruise drew to an end, it just made me certain that the best place to have a family vacation was on a cruise. You get the best of both worlds and still manage to keep the children happy! It’s really a win-win situation!

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