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Luxury Travel in Mexico

While recently reading about Luxury Travel in Mexico, I decided upon taking a trip myself to go check it out. This time I wanted to do it big! So I booked with a luxury facility in Mexico and decided to spend my time in the sunlight.

One thing they definitely advertise a lot in the brochures you’ll pick up around the area is the beaches, so of course I had to check those out. I was expecting something disappointing, but honestly I got nice, fine sand and gorgeous daylight to accompany a drink on my evening walks. The best part of it all was the horizon, beautiful across the water at dusk and you’d be hard pressed to find a better meal than the ones served at my boarding locale.

Wine TastingThey had wine tasting too, something I’d never done up until that point and didn’t realize I was missing out on. Some of these were from Vineyards across the country and others hadn’t seen light for upwards of five years before they were presented at this little event. I’ve never really been too big into alcohol, but if flavors like that can be captured with age? I might have to buy a bottle and shelf it for a few years.

I decided to spend a little bit more than I originally set aside and go horseback riding. I stay relatively in shape, so it wasn’t something that I found too strenuous. The instructors were kind and guided me through the process and I was able to walk through a bit of the more rough terrain and explore more of my surroundings in a way I have rarely gotten to do.

Blue DiamondTowards the end of my stay I decided to take advantage of some of the complimentary water activities. Namely windsurfing and the snorkeling tour.

If you’ve never been windsurfing you are missing out. Roller-coasters don’t come close to the kind of heart racing adrenaline that the activity can provide and safety is number one with the directors so you’re in good hands if you want to give it a try.

Scuba DivingAs for snorkeling? I’ve never really been a swimmer, but snorkeling is something completely different. There’s a bit of charm to observing the world beneath the waves in such a way. Definitely not something I thought I would have enjoyed as much. They actually gave us a small chart when they were instructing us so we could see what kind of animals and plant life we’d see beneath the waves. It was really cool to be able to actually pick out some of the creatures that were down there, added a much more personal feeling to something that one might usually consider a guided tour.

In addition to all of that the beds were well kept and the mornings were greeted with a beautiful sunrise. I came back far better for the experience and I’ll likely go again. Definitely a trip worth taking if you’re looking into getting away from the daily grind!


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