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Top Reasons why you should Visit Delhi

Top Reasons why you should Visit Delhi

Delhi is the capital city and second-largest city in India and receives an innumerable number of visitors all seasons due to its splendid landscapes, unique culture, and world-class restaurants. It also has affordable airways such as Cathay Pacific and it should be your tourist destination during any holiday vacation due to the following reasons.

Rich cultural heritage

If you want an in-depth understanding of the origin and culture of the Indian people, this city will answer all your queries. It hosts ancient structures and buildings that were erected as early as the 15th century. You will have a rare chance of admiring some of the British and Mughai empire constructions done in ancient times.

tajmahalThe city also has the Red Fort, which was constructed by the British to act as Viceroy’s lodge, where millions of tourists visit annually. You can even understand the religion of India’s people by visiting their Lotus temple, which is also located in this fantastic city.

Rich green spaces

If you love to explore nature and enjoy the fresh air in that atmosphere, then you should visit this city. Delhi has impressive parks and gardens, and all tourists have an equal chance of exploring the beautiful sceneries.

One remarkable garden in Delhi is the Lodi garden built in the 15th century by the Lodi Dynasty. The garden has monuments and green lawns that make the area historical and remarkable.

Rajpath Boulevard and Hauz Khas Village

Rajpath is also referred to as the Royal Pathway as Sir Edwin Lutyens designed it. The area has terrific gardens on both sides, and its incredible scenery to see. In this area, the Indian people host their Republic Day Parade, and you can get a chance to watch them.

Hauz Khas village, on the other hand, is an area that is famous for the most beautiful pubs, cafes, and boutiques. In this area, you can enjoy a busy nightlife in the pubs, tasty meals from the cafes, and fantastic shopping experience from the boutiques.

Book fair experience

Delhi hosts some of the essential publishing hubs, such as the Oxford Press and Hachette publications. On regular occasions, the city has a scheduled book fair where all the academicians and literature lovers congregate and share insights. If you love reading books you consider attending the book fair.

Delhi TukTukNumerous festivals

The city organizes numerous festivals to attract a considerable number of tourists. The joyful celebrations can lure millions of tourists to visit this fantastic city all year, and the most famous festivals are Lohri, Holi, and Diwali. Hindu festivals mark something different for the people and the only similarity is the joyful songs and lighting of the bonfire.

Opportunities for shopping

They are numerous vendors on the roadside of the Delhi city who sell their products at a fair price to locals and tourists. The vendors stock the amazing clothes, pieces of jewelry, and fabrics that are the latest trends. You can shop from markets such as Janpath and Sarojini. In these markets, you have a rare chance of buying at a low budget and still acquire incredible items.

Great food

Indians are known for having diversified food options that are prepared using the best ingredients. The food sold in various restaurants and streets is tantalizing for both the locals and tourists. You can enjoy their special paranthas, chaats, among others.

When you visit the city, you will have countless options of foods to select from at affordable prices. You can also enjoy their well-prepared coffee from various coffee shops located in the area.

Numerous activities

The best way to spend a quality holiday with your loved ones is by engaging in activities, and Delhi offers such a fantastic chance. You can explore the museums and learn the Indian people’s culture while still establishing the hierarchy of power since ancient times.

The city has numerous bars and restaurants where you can enjoy quality time with your family while enjoying their beautiful delicacies. Delhi has an active nightlife where you can spend a splendid time with your friends and family.

Friendly people

The people who reside in Delhi are hospitable and are very friendly to tourists. The people show you around the significant areas in the city and advise you on where to visit. They are also ready to introduce you to their Hindu culture and their delicacies.

You also can hire a guided tour who will direct you to the various areas you should visit. A guide also helps you book accommodation in a good hotel and ensure your overall movement in the city is hassle-free.

Good infrastructure

Delhi’s roads and rail system are excellent, and you will not have any trouble moving around. Also, the transport costs in the area are affordable, and you can travel conveniently. Lastly, the city is a landing bay for airplanes going in and out of Europe. So if you want to visit Europe, you can easily connect a direct flight to that destination.

humayun-tombHumayun’s Tomb

The monuments were built in the year 1565 by the widow of Humayan. The ancient area features amazing garden squares and excellent water channels that bring out extraordinary scenery. It is also a great reminder of the early rulers that are buried in the area.

In the tomb, you learn about the fallen great rulers of the Hindu people that were famous as early as the 15th century. It acts as a great historical place to recognize the efforts made by the early rulers. The local people in the region can give you insights about the ancient ruling times and how they impacted their forefathers.

Bottom Line

Delhi is one of the best cities to visit in India due to the above reasons. The atmosphere of that area is splendid to spend quality time with your family and friends. The affordable prices of food, transport, and restaurants make this city outstanding. However, before embarking on a journey to the town, ensure you have a good plan for the places you wish to visit.


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