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Our Adventures in Agadir

Every couple needs a break. My love for travel has taken me to many places across the globe. This time I wanted to take my girlfriend Elena along with me. She had been bitten by the travel bug a while ago but it wasn’t often that we had a chance to travel together. Morocco caught our attention and we started our plans for the upcoming vacation. After doing a little research, we settled on our final destination. We wanted to visit Agadir, as we had heard that it was the most beautiful city on the Moroccan coast.

A number of deals were available on various hotels but we finally decided to take up the seven night package that the Al Moggar club offered. I must say we were not disappointed. If you’re looking for a great deal then I am sure you will be happy with the All inclusive hotel packages in Agadir. We were certainly impressed with our decision. The bed and breakfast is nicely nestled in some amazing tropical gardens. The view of the sea was magnificent and the distance to the city was under a kilometer. Both Elena and I were extremely satisfied.

Ruins in AgadirThe ambiance was amazing. We had a hard time dragging ourselves away from the amenities that bed and breakfast offered. However we had come to see the sights and I was adamant that we do just that! The Kabash was an interesting archaeological site that we visited. The word literally means fortress in Arabic. That is exactly what we saw. The 15th century fortress lies in ruins above the city and was an interesting place to visit.

marketAgadir has a number of intriguing markets. This had Elena hopping around in excitement. We spent our days moving from one market to the next. I still can’t believe how much stuff she managed to buy as she waded through the wares. Souq Al-Had or more commonly referred to as the colorful markets is known for the various colors and hues that are seen all around. There were many different varieties of fruits, spices and herbs, boxes and bins… I’m sure you could just ask for about any item that crossed your mind, and you would find it there. As time passed we kept hearing the word ‘Souq’ everywhere. It was only later that we realized that it meant market in Arabic.

There is just so much shopping that you can do in these markets, that it was not to long before I was beginning to get bored, but I was patient, as I knew Lena loved the place. Our shopping sprees were mixed with visits to the museums in the vicinity. Jardim de Olhao, Amazighe Heritage museum and the Musee Muncipal soon got checked off our lists. A few other interesting attractions were the snake charmers, the zoo, the bird valley and even the camel rides.

Agadir SunsetThe part of the day that both of us enjoyed the most was the evenings. Every evening was spent on the beach, watching the sun set. It was mesmerizing and relaxing. Somehow even today when I look back at our adventures in Agadir, the first thing I remember is the sunset. Elena has the same feeling. After all, a holiday isn’t about seeing everything and getting tired. It’s about relaxing, enjoying and taking in the surroundings!


  1. Nick Lima Nick Lima November 27, 2015

    I think my mind is made up i was booking a holiday to Sharm el sheikh but was cancelled due to the Russian airline disaster. Was considering Morocco and now I am certain this is the place to go.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Agadir Holidays Agadir Holidays December 9, 2016

    Nice Place to visit . I am going to book a 7 nights trip this year in Summer.
    also nice peace of information that you have shared.

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