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Four Questions to Answer When Figuring out Where to Take Your Next Vacation

You may have a dream vacation in mind or you may be lucky enough to have a family member who is planning every detail of your next vacation, but what if you’re taking time off but have no idea what to do? That’s a very real problem for some travelers, especially those who travel regularly!

You can always check out one of the top vacation spots, but there are some questions you should ask yourself if you want to plan a vacation that you’ll enjoy.

How Much Can You Spend?

Getting your money in order is the least exciting part about planning a vacation, but it is important. How much can you spend? Do you have a backup plan that involves a money transfer service if you want to travel outside the country?

If you only have a few hundred to spend, you’ll definitely have to stay close to home. If you have thousands to spend, you have many more options. Knowing how much you have can help you narrow down your choices.

Vacation RentalHow Much Vacation Time Will You Be Taking?

Knowing how much time you can take off work is important too. If you’re only able to take a day or two, you have enough time to take a long weekend, but that means you’ll probably be staying close to home or catching a midnight flight to Vegas.

If you have a week, your options are a little more open, but a plane ride is still probably in your future. If you have more than a week, the sky is the limit! You can travel half way around the world in an airplane or you can consider going on a road trip.

What Are Your Preferred Accommodations?

Knowing what kind of accommodations you prefer is important too. Types of accommodations include:

The type of accommodation you choose can help you narrow in on where to go. For example, if you want to get to know other travelers by staying in a hostel, you’ll probably want to choose a European vacation. If you want to travel in an RV, you’ll want to start looking for campgrounds.

Mardi GrasWhat Kind of Experiences Do You Want?

What kind of experiences do you want to have when you’re on vacation? This question more than any other will help you narrow down your options.

If your primary goal is to relax, you may want to choose a sleepy beach town. If you want to party, you may want to travel to a popular city during a planned event, like Mardi Gras.

Considering the crowds is important to your experience too. If you want to keep the crowd to a minimum, but you want to visit an amusement park, you should skip Disney and try a less popular park instead.

Don’t skip that vacation because you don’t know what to do! With these tips, you can narrow down your choices and take the vacation that’s perfect for your family.









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