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Happy And Free Benteng Chittorgarh, India

Have you ever been so tired with your current job, when you wake up in the morning all you feel is fatigued? I have, and that was the reason I decided to be free, not because I was not getting enough money from my previous job, it is because I wanted to be happy and free. That is the main reason I decided to walk the world, move and visit different places and my first destination was Benteng Chittorgarh, India


I was able to do my new job while enjoying this wonderful place; I decided I would be working on my online jobs just to earn extra cash to sustain my new addiction. The flight was smooth and when the warm and moist weather of India hit my nostril, I knew this is going to be fun. I had plenty of time to waste but I did not waste any, I was on my way to Benteng Chittorgarh a place I heard wonderful stories about, I felt lively, dropped my luggage at the reception and I was on my way to see the largest Fort in India.


The beauty of this place left me cursing why I did not do this earlier, some few minutes ride from the Novotel Tangerang Hotel i was looking at the magnificent architecture, Learning from the literature and the history of the Benteng at one place was an awesome experience, after absorbing enough history I decided to take a grand tour, first around the Palace Then decided to intact with the natives, Beautiful people and very welcoming who did not mind taking a walk with me, just like it was their first time, the kids drew me to the nearby natural pool where other kids were jumping and swimming.


English: Samiddheshwara Temple, Chittorgarh, R...     The fatigue kicked in, so I decided to take some rest at the hotel, the place was fancy enough not what I dreamt of, the large window of my room provided enough air and by the time I woke up it was past 7 pm. I decided to take a walk down the street of Benteng town, which was still lively with people going about their business I decided to make new friends, ate some Indian deliciousness, bump into the nearest joint and enjoyed some shots.


The next day was going to be an exciting one, so I woke up as early as 6:30am enjoyed my “Chai” and I was off to the stadium took some few pictures around the town I bought myself amazing art went to the temple, several temples actually. My tour Guide decided to surprise me, so we hit the road to Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary where there were as many wild Boar and mongoose as the Indian population, the sun was high so we decided to take a nap, yes inside the van.


The final destination for the day was the Nagri just 20 kilometers from Chitto, just at the River Beirachi I was able to explore more excavation and ruins that date back to 1303. As we heard back to Chitto my tour guide explained new places, that I might be interested; including Bijolia and menal, but my next day was to start a fresh tour at the fort of Chittorgarh, every inch of the magnificent fort.


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  1. olive olive June 25, 2014

    Hey, thanks for the post, I will be heading to India this fall and will be sure to check this out..

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