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3 Tips For Securing Your Home While You Travel

Before you leave for a long trip, there are quite a few things that you likely need to get taken care of. From taking time off work to figuring out who will watch over your pets and canceling any obligations you would normally have to be part of, your list of things to do before you leave home for your travels can be extensive. But one thing you want to be certain you’re looking after is the safety and security of your home. The last thing you want to have to deal with after a vacation is a home that’s been burglarized or otherwise damaged. So to help ensure you don’t have to face this type of situation, here are three tips for securing your home while you travel.

 Hire A House Sitter

 There are many ways that you can have your home looked after while you’re away. From working with a property manager to hiring a house sitter, having someone who’s going to be around your home can help to keep everything much safer while you’re away. According to Christine Johnson, a contributor to The Huffington Post, even just asking a friend or neighbor to stop by and have a quick peek around once or twice a week can help ensure that everything’s running the way it should be. As long as your home is looking lived in and is getting some movement, things should stay pretty safe and secure.

Timers survelance Invest In Timers

 If you’ll only be away from your home for a short while or you don’t have anyone that you can trust to keep an eye on things at your home, another option is to automate certain aspects of your home’s functionality. According to Janine Puhak, a contributor to, you can put things like your lights and appliances on timers so that it appears that someone’s at your home when there’s really no one there. This can help to be a big deterrent to anyone looking to take advantage of vacant homes.

 Alarm SystemInstall An Alarm System

 To give yourself even more peace of mind that your home is safe while you’re away and that someone will be alerted if anything does go awry, you might want to consider installing an alarm system. Especially if you travel a lot, this might be the most convenient way for you to secure your house. According to Jill Leviticus, a contributor to USA Today, putting alarms on your doors and windows can help to keep thieves away and scare anyone off that might be tempted to break into your home while you’re gone.

If you have plans to travel a lot in the future, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you know what you can do to better secure your home while you’re away.

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