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Tips on types of Travel Insurance and The Places I needed it

There is no time that you need insurance more than the time you are traveling. Whichever destination you are going to for either business or pleasure, you need to be covered because the variables are many and the risks are high. However, you need an insurance cover that meets your needs.

The insurer that would serve my needs is one that gives me a health emergency cover that comes with a 24 hours helpline. The cover should include airlifting facilities because I like exploring remote areas of the world. The insurer should also cover cancellation benefits and delayed departure. Loss of personal belongings cannot be left out in the cover. Issues such as financial failure can occur during the expedition. The cover should be able to buffer me in case that happens.

I speak from experience out of the journeys that I have had and the situations that I was either helped by my insurer HBF travel Insurance , or wished I had purchased the coverage. Here are just a few of my experiences.

The Kenyan expeditionGnus and zebras in the Maasai Mara park reserv...

It was my first time to travel to Africa and my destination was Maasai Mara. I traveled to experience the wild beast migration. In the wild, our car had an accident after we entered into a hole in the wild paths in the Mara. I got injured and I needed immediate medical attention to attend to an injury on my back that we suspected would have interfered with my nerve system. Thanks to my cover, I was able to be airlifted from the wild and get professional medical attention in Nairobi.

The Spanish confusion 

I was in Spain for a business meeting. I carried by laptop and a number of personal accessories. I could not trace my bag and I had to wait until the following day to get my bag back. I needed the laptop for my business presentation. I had to spend my pocket money to buy another laptop at the expense of a Spanish tour. If only I had my luggage covered, my insurer would have come to my aid.

Stuck cash-less in Stockholm 

I was in Stockholm for a visit. Then I experienced financial challenges. I could not access my cash through my Visa card. I almost got stuck but was lucky to connect with a former colleague who helped me out. If I did not have her address, I would have gotten stranded until the issues were dissolved. An insurance cover that will give you a hand in such times of trouble will be timely.

Airport delays 

I was in a Europe tour. As usual I got carried away with the pleasures of the world and spent all I had leaving just enough to get me back home and pick from there. Then the worst happened. My plane from London was delayed. I needed to spend another night in the city that was not planned for financially. Thanks to my insurer, I was covered and had a comfortable night.


If you are traveling to India, ensure you are covered. India has a lot to offer. Most of the marvels in India are in remote areas. You need an emergency cover that allows you 24-hour helpline access with airlifting facilities. In the event of an accident, you will need your insurer to get you out of danger.




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