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Ensuring My Home is Safe While I am Away

Ensuring your home

I travel a lot. The great irony is that while I am traveling the things that worry me the most do not revolve around the place I’m traveling to. Instead I find myself constantly concerned about the place that I

Singapore Property Investments For The Global Investor

Singapore post head

Property investment is a great way to make a lot of money – if you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, it can be a very risky market, one fraught with legalities and nuances. But with the right guide and a

Why Not Travel For A Living? Tep can help on the connectivity!


Many people dream of traveling for a living. I am constantly receiving comments such as. “I wish I could do what you do”, “If I had money, I would travel too”, or the best one is “I will start traveling,

A Sensitive Trip To The UK

Buckingham palace

I’ve been traveling for a long time now. This particular trip took me across the length and breath of the United Kingdom. As usual, I managed to check in and see all the popular sites and most of the popular

Cruising To The South Pacific Islands

sunset Pacific

It was that time of the year again. The holidays were fast approaching and the kids were nagging us. This was the time of the year when we planned our annual family holiday. So far both my wife and I

Luxury Travel in Mexico

Luxury Resort Mexico

While recently reading about Luxury Travel in Mexico, I decided upon taking a trip myself to go check it out. This time I wanted to do it big! So I booked with a luxury facility in Mexico and decided to

Taking my Son to Perran Springs Holiday Park in Cornwall

Perran Springs Holiday park

It’s every father’s desire to share in their hobbies with their sons and I felt that my son would appreciate an excursion into the great outdoors with his father. I researched some places online and came across a few, but

The Algarve out of season

Any gold fans watching the recent Portugal Masters event at the Oceanico Victoria Golf Club could be forgiven for abandoning any plans to visit the Algarve any time soon. A veritable monsoon seemed to hit southern Portugal in mid-October –

Great caravan holidays in Europe

Travel Through Europe

The joys of a fully covered caravan holiday don’t have to be restricted to those destinations that are within easy driving distance of your home. Across Europe there are a myriad of fantastic caravan holiday destinations that may entice you

Ticking things off my bucket list: my ski trip to Port du Soleil

pot du soliel Avoriaz

I have always been a firm believer of creating a bucket list with interesting and seemingly daunting tasks to do. This is because in today’s fast paced world, it is very easy to get caught up in a rut with