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Ensuring My Home is Safe While I am Away

Ensuring your home

I travel a lot. The great irony is that while I am traveling the things that worry me the most do not revolve around the place I’m traveling to. Instead I find myself constantly concerned about the place that I

Not to be Missed in Phuket: 10 Must Do’s


Paradise on earth! It’s the most accurate way of describing Phuket – the largest island of Thailand. Wondering what makes Phuket such an attractive place for tourists? There are plenty of reasons like its spectacular sandy beaches, exceptional climate, amazing

Why Not Travel For A Living? Tep can help on the connectivity!


Many people dream of traveling for a living. I am constantly receiving comments such as. “I wish I could do what you do”, “If I had money, I would travel too”, or the best one is “I will start traveling,

12 Questions to Ask When Renting An Apartment

renting an apartment

If you are hunting for an apartment, you should stop and ask yourself and your potential landlord a few questions before moving forward. You can easily find apartments for rent via property listings sites like PropertyGuru. Failing to ask the

Are You Getting the Best Condo for Your Money?


Looking for a new condo to move into is an exhilarating challenge, especially if it is your first time to start owning a place that you can finally call your very own. However, it is entirely possible to get carried

A Sensitive Trip To The UK

Buckingham palace

I’ve been traveling for a long time now. This particular trip took me across the length and breath of the United Kingdom. As usual, I managed to check in and see all the popular sites and most of the popular

10 Rules to Follow When Travelling with Diabetes


You don’t need to ground yourself and avoid traveling if you have diabetes. Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you can still travel like any other healthy person. It’s recommended, however, that you plan in advance when

Happy Chinese New Year. Don’t Monkey Around

Chinese new year chiang mai

We just got back from the Wororat Market( Chiang Mai’s little China town). Wororat market is one of my favorite markets in Chiang Mai. Whether you are looking for good quality material from India at amazing prices, Toys that would

Making the most of online shopping to gear up for your next adventure


The rapid evolution of the internet has had a truly remarkable impact on so many aspects of how we lead our lives today. Perhaps this is most apparent in the way we shop. Even the most technophobic consumers are coming

Keeping up to date with the latest travel tech


Technology and travel go together like salt and pepper, bacon and eggs, sun and sea, and, well, you get our drift. The point is that the travel industry is one of the most thriving markets for new technology, and there