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Happy Chinese New Year. Don’t Monkey Around

We just got back from the Wororat Market( Chiang Mai’s little China town). Wororat market is one of my favorite markets in Chiang Mai. Whether you are looking for good quality material from India at amazing prices, Toys that would give the American consumer protection agency a heart attack or some dried herbs from the Chinese pharmacy to cure your latest ailment. There is a little bit of something for everybody in Chiang Mai’s china town.

My girlfriend and I make regular trips to the market. I buy supplies for my herb company,Pharmacy China Town and she stocks up on material for her latest projects, the material selection in China Town is vast and cheap. It seems every time we go down there inventory has totally changed. The prices? You seamstresses out there would have a blast, good quality material awesome selection and all at amazing prices 1.1 meter wide (1 Yard) for 20 Baht (.50 Euro) , and 1.5 meter wide (5 ft.) for 27 baht (.68 Euro) .

During the day, we happened to have perfect timing. After a tok sen massage in one of the temples on the Taipai rd., we went to get on the motorbike, and heard the rumble of drums off in the distance. Police on motorbikes were escorting a parade of what seemed to be high school and military school bands. Not much for floats but the bands were awesome.. The Parade only lasted about 20 minutes, and was certainly a nice addition to our day.

Chinese DragonAround 6 in the evening, we decided to fight the crowds and make our way down to China Town. Tonight was day 2 of the Chinese New Year celebration, wall to wall people with street vendors selling their concoctions of unhealthy food. A mix of animal parts, sugar and gluten. The locals seemed to enjoy, but as for us, we decided to wait till we got home to eat. There was a Chinese design fashion show going on, as the fireworks lit up the sky. We stumbled upon a local craftsman, a kid selling handmade silver jewelry, with gemstones from neighboring Myanmar. We found a beautiful ring, a large Emerald set in a contemporary designed silver ring. I negotiated with the master, to take the ring to the shop and have it plated in White gold for a more elegant look , and left a deposit to pick it up the next day. (Yay,, Valentines Day is taken care of,, 😉

A Chinese New Years celebration would not be complete without the Chinese Dragon, and we were able to get a few shots of one passing by, with the drums and music playing it was an end to another great day in Asia.

I Hope you enjoy your festivities wherever you are in this beautiful planet, and remember there is always something to celebrate. Have a safe new year, and check out this great info-graphic I have for you on staying safe while you Enjoy.

Happy Chinese New year

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