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So, recently the company finally agreed to give me my vacation and as an added package for my diligence and hard work and perhaps the tons of money I had made them, they decided to throw in a rather surprising twist to the vacation and paid everything for me. Of course my 22 year old daughter didn’t glimmer with enthusiasm when she heard this because that meant she won’t be able to see me as much as she was used to, but being the little smarty that she is. She had a solution for that, that I went along with just for the sake of not making her feel disappointed. She quickly told me about this new app that I could use to call them back at home on my vacation and all I did was capture the name. Then I was off to the Bahamas.

I must say being there was like getting a slice of heaven! It is like the sun there has extra tanning abilities and that alone is enough to drive any person to want to visit this gorgeous place. It was unlike anything I had imagined. Great service, great food, great beaches, great people and I have to say the company did quite a savvy job getting me the best accommodation they could. It was mind blowing! However, there was one little (okay, big) problem. None of my family was here and all the fun would wither away when I thought of them. I tried getting a few calls through to them but that ended in a disaster. That was until I remembered of the app my daughter was telling me about. I thought it wouldn’t be bad to give it a try after all I had nothing to lose. Apparently, I should have paid more attention to her.

Rebel’s free calling app is a one of a kind application that can be used in almost any phone that is on any platform whether an iPhone, Windows or even Android. By going through the simple process of downloading it and then signing up, you can be on your way to making calls to your friends and family faster than you can reload your prepaid cell phone. It worked particularly well for me because it uses a 3G or Wi-Fi platform and the hotel I was staying in had free Wi-Fi. Additionally, to make sure that whatever they said about their app was true and verified, they offer to let you make the first call free. This is an offer I gladly took. I was not going to pay a cent to be disappointed. In a sudden twist of faith, the bad connection and dropped calls that I had persevered through the whole week failed to happen. The call went through to my daughter swiftly and we talked for some time. It felt like she was in the next room.

Intrigued by this I had to ask her to tell her brother to download and install the app as it is all that is needed to make the calls and I recharged my account. The weird thing was, I thought Skype was cheap, now think about spending 50% less of what Skype charges you for making international calls. That is great right? I thought so too. Additionally, I was also able to send free texts to my daughter and son without any trouble. Even after I got back, I have not stopped using this little wonder and I have to say that I will be using Rebtel for a very long time to come. It finally made my vacation complete.

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