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Shopping and Bargain Hunting? Visit Egypt’s Best Souks!

‘Souk’ is the term for a traditional outdoor marketplace, sometimes referred to as a bazaar. Many different places in North Africa and the Middle East contain these markets such as Dubai, Morocco and Syria and these popular markets come in many different shapes and sizes.

Spices_soukEgyptian Souks sell pretty much anything you can imagine and perhaps even some things you can’t! Everything from fresh fish, fruit and vegetables to fabrics and clothing and yes, even tech and gadgets can be found in Souks and for those of you going on Egypt holidays it’s hard enough to choose what to buy when you get to the Souk, let alone choosing which ones to visit! This guide should make it easier with a countdown of the top 5 Souks in Egypt. If any of these 5 are near your holiday destination you have an opportunity to visit, have a break from the sightseeing and do some bargain hunting.

Aswan Souk ~ Aswan

Locally this colorful market is known as Sharia el Souk. It is parallel to the Nile and only a few streets away from it which makes this Souk a must-visit spot if you’re on a Nile Cruise. The atmosphere is vibrant and the market, which stretches for 7 blocks, is one of the cheaper places to buy tourist wares in Egypt.

Aswan SouqThe Souk of Luxor ~ Luxor

Amongst the many beautiful temples, museums and the Valley of the Kings is the Souk of Luxor. Luxor is another common stop for Nile cruises through Egypt and the Souk here is relatively well hidden from tourists making a visit here a valuable experience for travellers wanting to see the reality of life in Luxor.

Souk el Attarine ~ Alexandria

Near the Roman amphitheatre in Alexandria you can find Souk el Attarine. This Souk is made up of a labyrinth of alleys and streets with local sellers offering souvenirs and traditional Egyptian goods. It specialises in historical trinkets and antiques so if you’re a collector this Souk is certainly the place for you.

English: Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt): panorama of ...Old Market ~ Sharm El Sheikh

We all know Sharm El Sheikh has become a fearsomely popular tourist destination with high-class resorts, an excellent nightlife and beautiful coral reef. However if you’re holidaying there you might like to take a break from this wonderland and spend an afternoon taking a look around the shops in the Old Market. While this Souk is much newer than most many of the shops have retained that old Egyptian charm.

Khan El Khalili ~ Cairo

Of course the number one spot is reserved for the largest market in the capital of Egypt, Cairo. The market stands on the site of an ancient mausoleum and is one of Cairo’s main attractions. Stopping in Cairo you are set to visit the famous Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, the Mosque of Ibn Tulun and much more. Why not leave some time in your busy schedule to get some shopping done in Egypt’s largest and most famous Souk?


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