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A Wonderfull Break In London

London, the capital city of England where there are a lot of great and amazing features that make this place interesting. Most of the top London’s attractions are free and this makes them affordable places where people can go and enjoy their visits.

Before starting my tour in London, I made sure I had booked a reservation at the premier clubs rewards hotels, which offers some of the best accommodation in London. One of the best places I visited was the British museum. This museum shows the different works of humans from the pre historic times to the modern times from all over the world. Some of the attractions in the museums include the Parthenon sculptures, Rosetta stone and the mummies in the ancient Egypt collection. This place was an amazing site to visit. Entry is free, apart from some of the special exhibitions that require one to have a ticket.

The next place I visited while in London is the national gallery. This gallery is a vast place that is filled with the western European paintings which are from the 13th to the 19th centuries. Some of the art works found in this gallery include Titian, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, constable, Renoir and the Stubbs. Some special exhibitions in the gallery require one to have tickets, but in all the other places the entry is free.

I wanted to see a collection of the biggest, tallest and the rarest animals in the world, and so I went to the natural history museum. These creatures have existed for over 40 million years. I saw a spider that has lived for 40 million years and many other animals that are many years of age. This is a great place to visit when in London.

Aerial view of the London EyeAfter the museum tours, I went to the London Eye. This is one of the major features of London skyline with 32 capsules, each of them weighing 10 tons, and can hold a capacity of 25 people. The London eye helps one to see over 55 London’s landmarks in about 30 minutes. The Eye gives a breathtaking experience which will make one visit it over and over again.

Further, I went to the science museum which makes one’s brain to perform Olympic standard mental gymnastics. There were lots of major scientific advances which have been there for the past 300 years. In this museum, there is an IMAX cinema where one can go to watch a movie. The museum is really amazing. At night, I resumed back to the premier club rewards hotel where I had booked for accommodation.

The following day I visited one of the world’s famous buildings. The building is known as the Tower of London, which has a 900 year history. The tower was used as a royal place, prison, place of execution, arsenal, zoo and a jewel house. I visited the top of the tower and went to the medieval king’s bedchamber. If you ever have a bit of extra time, London is a great place to relax and see some interesting sites.


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