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Exploring Lower Lewis River Falls in Washington, USA

When you get a break from the hassles of life or from that time-consuming occupation you should not continue staying in the confines of your home. This is an exciting planet and traveling and exploring it will take you to places never thought existed. We recently spent a bit of time in NYC and found some great short term let apartments in  This allowed us to stretch or dollar a bit and worked out great.

We are now in Lower Lewis River Falls, a popular destination for holiday makers, is a place you will certainly love to visit. Lower Lewis Falls are in Gifford Pinchot National Forest located in Washington, USA. The view of these waterfalls from several vantage points is just out of this world. This picturesque sight requires you to bring your camera along because it is one of those moments you will never like to forget.


Lower Falls Lewis River     Dropping gracefully from a height 43 feet and spreading for over 200 feet the waterfalls are just awe-inspiring. It is even more spectacular during lower water levels as the falls are calmer and inviting. The waterfalls hit the bottom accumulating in a pool below that is just as inviting. You may find it hard to resist the urge to plunge yourself deep into the pool for a cool swim. The ambiance and the serene of the forest is lush and scenic. The greenery and the forests surrounding the falls is the perfect place for hikers and the trails leading from these falls provide you with an exhilarating hiking experience.


The forest here is every camper’s dream as the serene environment ensures you get that endless supply of fresh air to keep you going. Close to Lower Lewis Falls are other equally breathtaking falls to make your hiking and holiday experience action-packed. They include the Middle Lewis Falls, the Upper Lewis Falls, the Chickoon Creek Falls, the Copper Creek Falls, the Cussed Hollow Falls and the Taitnapum Falls.


The Gifford Pinchot forest is populated with a variety of trees and wildflowers and a hike through the lower area of Lewis River is unforgettable. The shadowy greenery, ancient fir and cedar trees standing tall, thick patches of bushes, mossy enormous stumps coupled with pure azure streams make the hike educational as well as thrilling. These trails are easily accessible and fairly leveled and you will find yourself walking hours on end without getting tired.


The Lower Lewis Falls are located just 60 miles from Woodland via Highway 503 going east. You will reach Cougar and continue further to Forest Service Road and after 14 miles you will find the Lower Falls Recreation Area. On your right you will find the parking area to the falls. From here various trails lead to this amazing waterfalls which can be viewed after about 500 feet. The Lower Falls Campground have various trails to suit your hobby from hiking trails, motor racing trails to horse trails. With adequate camping ground you will find a night spent in the forest equally exciting.


Have you found a break from your tiresome job? Its your chance to explore this beautiful world.


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