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Urban Adventure: Dallas, Texas

Dallas is an immense city, but what makes it very interesting is its warm culture. As a tourist you’ll find yourself somewhere between elegant old architectures and new skyscrapers which is kind of exciting considering the many things you can do in Dallas.

If you love basketball, Dallas is home to Dallas Mavericks and you’ll see how the locals love their own team. If you’re inside a bar and have nothing to talk about, quickly bring up the team’s famous feats and you’re up for a long conversation. You can also find plenty of shopping malls here.

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Indeed, Dallas has plenty to offer and with its amazing attractions that range from museums, festivities and food; your visit is simply guaranteed to be worthwhile.

I’ve listed the following attractions to make your itinerary a bit easier. Don’t forget that these are just the famous stops.

Dallas AquariumThe Dallas Aquarium on Fair Park hosts about 6,000 aquatic animals that you can explore through an aquarium. You don’t even need to learn scuba diving to interact with fantastic marine life, albeit there’s just a thick glass between you and those fabulous fishes.

For some worthwhile garden strolls, head to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens on the south banks of White Rock Lake on East Dallas. This scenic garden is perfect for your romantic needs or if you simply want to unwind and forget about the stress of your day job.

If you fancy the arts, visit the Dallas Museum of Art, which is a fantastic and huge museum housing amazing collections from eastern and western cultures. This is perfect even for young audience.

For a combo of wildlife and marine life, head to the Dallas World Aquarium in the Downtown area. The zoo offers a fascinating backdrop of rainforest with various animals and finally the aquarium just underneath it.

If you really want to treat your family for a Safari like experience, visit the Dallas Zoo on Oak Cliff to see an amazing array of animals. The zoo itself has a stunning 97-acre land area to explore.

More art can be seen at the Meadows Museum of Art exhibiting comprehensive collections of Spanish Art such as the famous works of El Greco, Goya, and Picasso to name a few. There is also a huge moving sculpture entitled Wave, created by Calatrava. Visit every late afternoon Thursdays for the free entrance.

Now if you’re after fascinating new art concepts particularly with an interest on contemporary sculpture, head to the Nasher Sculpture Center on 2001 Flora Street. Part of the exhibit includes outdoor displays of magnificent sculptures.

Ever wonder who really murdered US President John F. Kennedy? There are a lot of conspiracies surrounding the fateful event but the truth is already out; there’s even a Hollywood movie depicting what really happened. If you want to know more about it though, visit the Sixth Floor Museum which contains critical materials to help your investigative journey. Nonetheless, you can find a gift shop in a nearby building to find the perfect souvenir.

Somewhat connected to the murder of President Kennedy is the popular Texas Theatre on 231 W Jefferson Blvd. Lee Harvey Oswald, Pres. Kennedy’s murderer was arrested here. Nonetheless, the place remains a functional theater where you can even have your romantic night with your beautiful date. The theater hosts special events too aside from repertory cinemas.

For adrenaline junkies, you can visit the famous Zero Gravity Thrill Rides Amusement Park (Dallas Thrill Attractions) on Malibu Dr. This is not for the faint of heart though because the 5 available rides are just crazy to begin with. Best enjoyed with your best buddies, note that if you bring your date, you better not show your softer side once the gravity starts messing up your normal orientation.

You can culminate your tour at the scenic Sandy Lake Amusement Park on 1800 Sandy Lake Road. The park also offers rides and many more sports oriented activities such as golfing and paddle boating. It also serves as a fantastic playground for children who can even play arcades. Nonetheless, you can be romantic too, kind of a sweet picnic or simply cuddle up whilst leisurely dipping on an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Have fun.

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