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Traveling to LA and Maintaining My Bodybuilding Diet.

Bodybuilding involves a lot more than just resistance training and lifting heavy weights. A great diet plan full of proteins and necessary nutrients is vital for muscle growth, and when you’re my age building muscle, and maintaining a six pack takes a bit more precise calculation then when i was younger. During my recent trip to L.A I found I was able to maintain my bodybuilding regime without much hassle.

Getting to L.A
Reaching L.A.X. was a pleasant experience. The flight was fine and I had packed my own delicious meal of chicken breast, red bell peppers, tomato and cheese to eat on the way.  Simple, delicious and filling. Traffic on the way from the airport was quite heavy. Luckily, Elan Hotel where I had scheduled my stay isn’t that far, so getting there was not much of a problem despite the traffic.

Bodybuilding Meal Prep Delivery
I hit the gym as soon as I landed. Yup, I feel when I am out of energy, or even feeling a bit ill, that nothing beats the gym to get my blood flowing, and to get myself back on track. Then back to the hotel for a short rest, and relax for a bite to eat. Not in the mood to run around trying to find a place that can live up to my dietary standards. I decided to give ‘MuscleUpMeals’ a try. A great meal delivery service, that has a great selection of healthy food delivered to your doorstep, or in my case, my hotel room. I tried the Turkey Meatloaf and tri Tip Steak. Both protein-rich options and filling. Loved the meal, especially great when you don’t have much time or accessibility to prepare your own nutritious meals.Street art

Heading to Veggie grill
Heading downtown, there came an assortment of different eateries on the way. I decided to try Veggie Grill. Well, a bodybuilder does need his veggies to replenish vitamins and minerals. It’s a fast-casual space. Their food contains no antibiotics or hormones, so you can eat to your hearts content without any worries. Specialties include tofu, tempeh and Chicken’ veggie all including protein made from high quality organic and non GMO. I ordered Veggie Grill’s Seoul Bowl. It was delicious with carrots, Korean rice, red onions, sesame seeds, tofu, and veggie steaks though I like my meals to be more filling. But if you are looking for a quick bite to eat veggie grill has a lot of healthy options. On my next visit I tried the Buffalo wings and quinoa power salad.

Easy Bodybuilding Breakfast
I had checked out of Elan Hotel after a couple of days and was staying over at a friend’s place. The heat had picked up in L.A and I decided on a nice sunny morning with access to a kitchen, that I would prepare my own breakfast. 100 gram of lean chicken breast chopped up, ¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese, and 3 whole eggs. Mixed them up and viola! Didn’t look so appetizing, but it tasted great. With so many days of eating out a home-made meal was more than welcome. This breakfast is incredibly high in protein, so I was happy with a great kick-start for the day. Then off to the beach.Santa Monica Pier

Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier
If you’re a bodybuilder, and love the sun and sea, then you can not miss Venice beach, and the Santa Monica Pier while in L.A. A world famous boardwalk and bodybuilding on the beach. There is a ton to see and do, great food, interesting street performers, and an amazing sunset.Street performers

Dinner and then Off
I decided to treat myself really well for the last meal of the day at Animal. Here you find exotic meat-centric dishes. I ordered chicken liver toast and smoked turkey leg. It’s a heaven for carnivorous-minded folks, and then I was off to the airport, and on to my next destination.


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