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Traveling to Plitvice Lakes – Croatia

Certainly, when you have lot of free time, and money of course, one of best ways to get relaxed is to travel the world. One of location that you must see is Plitvice Lakes. Plitvice Lakes are in Croatia – beautiful country with great marine tourism and old towns. But, when I was in Croatia it was not the sea that fascinated me, Plitvice Lakes were right thing for me. See, when you are free to do what you want and freedom overtakes you – you will travel. And where you will travel? absolutely where you want.


Plitvice Lakes    Back in 2011 I decided to go in Plitvice. First, Croatia is great country with big culture. There are many great places to visit. But this national park located in Karlovac country left me breathless. When I saw all these lakes, natural paths and waterfalls I almost cried, you ask why? Becuase when you are free to do what you want you will go to your natural state, state of happines, and when you are happy you will enjoy every breath you take, especially in great country like Croatia and even greater place like Plitvice.When I got there, people welcomed me with kindness. I walked into my hotel, and magic of freedom started. Food was great, service was great and people… people were like in dreams, all were kind, all wanted to help me, and the best thing was that they all did that becuase they love to see that their’s country is visited and loved by forgein tourists, not for money at all. When the impact of freedom and kindness disappeared I decided to see this beauty with my own eyes. I was located near Kozjak – biggest of 16 lakes that this complex, under protection of UNESCO World Haritage, contains. It was like in dreams – crystal clear water allowed to see happy faces of people, paths enabled to walk the road of freedom between lakes and waterfalls… it was like in films when karate master meditate below them. And the best part, Plitvice are made from nature. Water is clear, incredible plants and animals lives there, all is crystal clear.My sense of freedom made me go somewhere else, but these country and lakes will be in my memory forever. Why? becuase I never felt happier and freer like here, and faith in good people was restored to me when I saw people there. Plitvice lakes – must see.


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