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The Algarve out of season

Algarve Golf
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Any gold fans watching the recent Portugal Masters event at the Oceanico Victoria Golf Club could be forgiven for abandoning any plans to visit the Algarve any time soon. A veritable monsoon seemed to hit southern Portugal in mid-October – so much so, in fact, that the entire event had to be cut down to 36 holes.

In the event, Frenchman Alexander Levy won the Masters. Levy had been a long-shot in the golf betting with the gambling exchange Betfair and other bookmakers – but he’s a very capable player and the result was, to some extent, anomalous due to the weather.

Interestingly, in the opening round of the same event, Belgian golfer Nicolas Colsaerts came closer than anyone in history to shooting an under 60 round during the 42-year history of the European Tour.The 31-year-old Colsaerts narrowly missed a four metre birdie putt at the last hole and missed the record by just one shot.

Anyway, we digress; don’t let the weather put you off. This was certainly not normal for this time of year when the weather is far more commonly absolutely ideal – which is our whole point here. Visiting the Algarve off season is a wonderful idea for anyone who can manage it – but it’s a particularly good idea for golfers due to the excellent weather (usually!) and the magnificent golf facilities the region has to offer.

It goes without saying that the Algarve is busiest during the peak summer months. People flock to the beaches of Algarve for guaranteed summer sun during the school holidays, great beaches, excellent hotel and leisure facilities, wonderful sea swimming and a whole lot of life going on. It’s a great time of year for families and young people who want to party and socialize – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Lots of people enjoy being where other people are and where action is; they positively yearn for busy beaches, clubs, bars and general day and night-life.

But those of us who don’t like the heat absolutely blistering and don’t need to go away in the school holidays and who love more clement weather and the great game of golf – then the Algarve off season is great anytime – even in the depths of winter.

Probably the ideal time to visit the Algarve if you can is during the April-May season or during September and October. At these times the temperatures are usually in the mid to high 20s range in the shade. This means it feels a lot warmer when you’re in direct sunlight, of course, with temperatures usually up around the mid-30s in the sun in the daytime. So these days are more or less perfect, as a rule, and the Algarve’s best beach resorts like the Auramar beach resort, for example,and many others are quiet, but still provide excellent facilities.

At these slightly before and after peak season times, there’s no queuing for the best restaurants, the wonderful beaches are a lot roomier, the sea is clement – particularly during September and October – and the place has a wonderfully easy going relaxed feel about it.

As for the golf is that’s your thing – there are many online guides to golfing in the Algarve that you can use to your own discretion, as everyone enjoys playing on a hand-selected course!

If getting around to explore is more your thing, the hire car is easy of course – and it’s a good idea to head inland for some wonderful walking. Again – have a look at the walking in the Algarve type guides; these are ideal times to indulge your love of mountain hiking here.

If I’s really beautiful and verdant countryside you’re looking for, the come during April, May or early June when everything is fresh and green and has a renewed unspoiled feel; the Algarve is always beautiful but never more so than at this time of year.

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