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Why you should visit 4 Hands – Etretat, France

One of the most captivating places that I have ever set foot is the 4 Hands Etretat in France. This breathtaking location is along the coast of Pays de Caux are in Haute-Normandie in northern France. The region stands out for its magnificent and pronounced cliffs that have three natural arches with a pointed needle. The region is best known for her tourist attractions. As a commercial outlet, many locals strive to make the visitors in this location feel at home. The cliffs have a plateau that forms a natural promontory. This promontory gives you an eye view glimpse of the entire coast.

Travelling to this location requires timing. For instance, you can only experience some of the aspects that come with these cliffs during specific times of the year. As visit in May will give you a chance to view the magnificent shade of the sun as it caresses the plateau. During this time, the plateau bursts into dazzling bright yellow carpets of rapeseed. The blossoming of the tender blue flax usually follows the rapeseed season. Based on your locations, you might note miniature gorges that are known as valleuses as they make their way through the plateau moving towards the sea.

Français : Un panoramique de l'aiguille d'Étre...

When you are Ten miles south of Fecamp, Etreat offers what we can only term as a miraculously beautiful and yet fragile views. The wonderful hiking opportunities are available for anyone who seeks the hiking thrill. As you bravely hike this location, be careful not to wander off the marked trails. This is due to the loose soil caused by constant erosion.

There is a range of different activities and festivals that take place at this location. These activities infuse life and revelry in this pristine and quiet location. In addition, this location offers a scenic golfing experience for those who have a passion for golfing. Playing golf at this high altitude offers a fantastic experience. The lush green golfing lawns are always enticing for anyone who would like to venture into this game.

A visit at the 4 Hands Etreat can never be complete without sampling the best of French cuisine from the hotels and restaurants in this small seaside town. With such a balance of nature, culture and sport, Etreat is the place to visit. Taking time to visit a Hands Etreat will give you a rare hassle free environment and a moment that is both rewarding and refreshing.

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  1. John Roberts John Roberts May 27, 2014

    Wow what a beautiful location,, I have been through that area, but never took the time to stop and see.. I definitely will next time… Great Post

  2. milly milly July 21, 2014

    Yea, me too, I have been living in France for 3 years now, traveled back to the U.K. a couple of times, but never knew about this place.

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