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Inspiration Sparked a New Journey

After several months of what seemed like sub-zero temperatures, endless paperwork, and irksome customers, I was ready to retreat for a few days to a quaint, charming, peaceful utopia where the salt air is intoxicating and the hot sunny days kiss you with color, and cool ocean breezes guide you to sleep at night. So my journey began as I searched for that dream destination waving an affordable price tag!

Like any novice traveler, I began my search by exploring various websites to compare my options. My goal or mission was to find a reasonably priced vacation spot somewhere in a picturesque location. I began a keyword search looking for travel deals of the day!

I had searched many of the popular vacation websites, until I landed on Scoopon Travel, and for me this was truly a gold mine!

From the Homepage of the scoopon site, visitors to this site can click on the Travel Deals at the top of the page and select from several different travel deals ranging in trips from touring the great wall of China to Skiing in New Zealand. Finding a piece of heaven for a few days, might possible be one-stop shopping at this website. Since I would be traveling with my girlfriend, I wanted to find a spot that was romantic and invited rest and relaxation. To my surprise, I found a great deal at the romantic Hunter Valley Escape.

Vineyards in the Australian wine region of the...    After thoroughly reading as much as I could, I decided that this would be our piece of Heaven for a few days. For me, pictures tell a thousand words, and I was sold on the many photographs featuring the beautiful panoramic views of the Vineyards. I learned about the area and read some testimonials from past occupants and I was sold. Next, I booked Hunter Valley minibus hire and we were on our way through the scenic region.

The Romantic Hunter Valley Escape, comprises of the stunning Hunter Valley Gardens, and a marvelous place to dine at The Mill Restaurant. The sale they had at scoopon advertised a Deluxe Olive Grove room at the picturesque Tuscany Wine Estate with a fully cooked breakfast for two. It was perfect!

After enjoying a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine at the brokenback bar, just after our arrival. We were off for a walk into the beautiful countryside, then we decided to settle in for the evening into our luxurious room with some unforgettable views of the  vineyards, and we even got to see a few kangaroo’s. The next morning we slept in a bit, and went down for a perfectly prepared breakfast, then off to shuttle for a tour of the vineyards, and to check out the cellars. What an awesome experience, Time just flew by so fast, next thing you know we were back in our room preparing for a game of tennis, of which she won,, which made her ecstatic,, after all this trip was meant for her. Then up for a shower and off to the Binnorie Cheese Factory, a great selection of local cheeses to be had with the local wine..

The next thing you know the trip was over and time to go home, It will be a while before we forget this fabulous trip, as it definitely met every one of my expectations! And such an awesome place that I never would have thought of without the inspiration of scoopon.



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