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Does your Bucket list Include London

London should definitely be highly placed on your bucket list of desired destinations. It is the real definition of a world city. Being home to some of the globally renowned buildings, galleries and museums with a rich history dating back to as long as 2 millennia.

There is always something going on in London and you are bound to be impressed by its accommodation, if you have just landed at Heathrow airport after a long flight, you will be welcomed by the best western plus park grand London Heathrow, a state of the art stylish and classy hotel conveniently and strategically located near  Heathrow airport. Or the Park Grand London Heathrow, by far one of the cities nicest hotels near Hounslow west tube station . This is an ideal option offering convenient rates for visitors with convenient proximity to Heathrow airport.

So, basically, what makes London true to its worth? Well, What to see and do? During a beautiful day, you can learn a lot from a simple stroll down the streets of London, one can experience a lot within a very small area; for example, a simple stroll along the Thames through Southbank to Tower Bridge from London Eye and you will see the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe, Tate Modern and the HMS Belfast.

For history and architecture lovers, there are companies to ensure your enjoy your stay by offering free and guided city walks through historical sites in London.

Foods and drinks
What is travelling without getting out and tasting some of the local food? London offers some amazingly good foods. Chinese food lovers can go to Chinatown, Indian food – Southall or Brick lane ( or almost anywhere in London you can find good Indian food), Vietnamese food – Kingsland road, Italian chain restaurants e.g. Prezzo etc.
You can also enjoy the common street foods from food stalls e.g. at the Borough Market., or my favorite Camden town.


London is home to the globally renowned London’s theatre; although it may be a bit pricey. It is certianly a great treat f you would like to spoil yourself a bit. You can also find great entertainment at the National theatre and the Shakespeare’s Globe with live performances. Live music lovers are also catered to as there is always a free concert somewhere within the city. For film lovers, Prince Charles Cinema is there for your entertainment at convenient rates during the weekdays.

Galleries and Museums

Luckily for history lovers, most of the galleries and museums such as the Museum of London, Science Museum, National Gallery, British Museum, Natural History Museum and Tate gallery etc. have free entry offers for permanent collections, they also offer films and performance, and do late night openings during some days of the week and have free special events.

Best skyline views

You can have the best of London’s skyline views just from the parks at the edge of the city e.g. at the Greenwich park in South London or from Alexandra palace in North London. Getting closer to the city center, you can experience London’s skyline at a charge at the Monument or for free at the roof of shopping center, One New Change.

General travelling

There are various forms of transport for travelling around London city; for short routes, you can use the famous red double decker London buses, they are great platforms for sightseeing too, you can also use Tube for longer journeys. Boat tours and bike hiring are also common in the city.

London is truly a city worth visiting. Make it your next destination!


  1. Daniel @ Path Finder City Daniel @ Path Finder City November 15, 2015

    First time reader and commenter here. I was at London 15 months ago for 5 nights. The only thing I remember was roast duck at China town, tube, and BEERS! how come you didn’t mention anything about ale? pilsner? Guinness? that was the highlight for us entire family (we visited pub every evening..)


    • admin admin Post author | January 6, 2016

      Hey Daniel,
      Thanks for the comment. I didn’t think about the beer. I am more of a Jack Daniels type of Guy. 😉 Take care

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